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Survival: Annette Herfkens

Annette Herfkens, 31, also had a long wait before she was rescued. She was trapped for eight days in the wrecked fuselage of the aircraft she had been travelling on, surviving on little more than rainwater, before she was rescued from the Vietnamese mountains in 1992.

Dutch-born Annette, who was on board a Vietnam Airlines Yak 40 bound for a resort area, was the sole survivor of 29 passengers and crew, which included her boyfriend. As if her plight had not been torment enough, she also had to endure listening to other passengers crying out for help – only to discover that they had later died before help arrived.

Annette needed surgery for a fractured jaw and collapsed lung – but as one doctor commented: “Given the kind of speed and the altitude that the plane was travelling, it’s a miracle she survived.”

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