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Vanishing Vacation

The long drive between Miami, Florida to Scarsdale, New York, was routine for Charles R. Romer and his wife, Catherine. The retired couple, both in their seventies, had spent the winter of 1980 in their Florida apartment, and on April 8 they started home.

That afternoon they checked into a motel in Brunswick City, Georgia. A little later a highway patrolman saw their black Lincoln Continental on the road. Perhaps they were going to a restaurant for dinner.

If so, they never arrived. They – along with their car – disappeared. Three days later, finding the room had not been slept in, the motel management notified authorities. Baffled police could only guess that the Romers had gone off the road into a swamp or that they had been robbed and/or killed. Other than the luggage in the motel room, and a fleeting glimpse of their car, there were no clues.

Their son stated “It’s incredible that two people can totally disappear.” Incredible – but true.

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