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Notable lobotomies #17 

Howard Dully
Born 1948

Notable Because: Received Lobotomy at 12 years old  

In 1960 Howard Dully was brought in for the procedure because his stepmother described him as “unbelievably defiant,” saying among other things: He objects to going to bed and does a good deal of daydreaming.

After Howard’s stepmother visited with Dr. Freeman, he suggested that the family should consider the possibility of changing Howard’s personality by means of transorbital lobotomy.” Howard’s stepmother convinced her husband (Howard’s Father) that is was the best thing for his son and then gave the doctors his approval.

Dully took decades to recover from the surgery; he was institutionalized, incarcerated, and was eventually homeless and an alcoholic. Eventually Dully sobered up and received a college degree and became a California state certified instructor for a school bus company in San Jose, California.

Interesting Fact: When Dully was in his 50s he embarked on a two year journey to uncover what happened to him as a child. He spoke with his family and his relatives and other lobotomy patients of Dr. Freeman and gained access to Freeman’s archives.

Dully was one of the youngest patients to receive an “ice pick” lobotomy and the first patient ever to obtain a picture of his own lobotomy.

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